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The Most Awaited Movie On 123Movies

Posted 2018/10/11 6697 0

Venom (2018)
Fans were awaiting this movie for some time, to be more precise for 10 years, and now we are having it right here.
Because all the publicity that was made, we were impacient to see it, and now that we are having it, we are proud to say that is the best movie ever released by Marvel comics. Fans from all over the world demanded this movie, and now we are seeing it on the big screens, we can say that is a release for us.
This movie is the big shotout for everybody who loves Marvel comic books, and I’m saying this because they invested 100 milion dolars in this movies for making it perfect. And they already gain 80 milion from the first weekend making it, the most well payed movie in a short time from history.
In this movie you’ll see a lot of Marvel action type and a lot of new things, like this movie. I’m saying this movie is something new because they weren’t making movies with villans in the first roll, but now they listened to our demands and make a revolutionary one!
If you are curiosu to see what is so special in this movie I advise you to watch it, because you won’t regret it and maybe if you’re not a Marvel fan, you’ll become one.

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