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The 10 Best Comedy Movies of 2018

Posted 2018/07/11 7111 0

Deadpool 2 (2018)
The most awaited comedy is here with Ryan Reynolds in the skin of the main character. In the first part we hear Deadpool saying that this isn’t a comedy is a love story, thing that is confirmed in the last part of the movie. The film will still be a comedy, but with accents of drama and in the final being a story with happy ending.
Blockers (2018)
Movie who will bring a smile on your face even you are upset. It’s about three parents who want to keep their girls safe, and not doing anything unexpected at the prom night. All the action is represented by the parents and how they are chasing the girls but not being successful, little accidents happening all the time, including a car one.
Game Night (2018)
The name of the movie describe all the action, a night for board games who are played by adults every week. The six friends that are reuninted by the games, want something new to try, and they set for a crime game but not knowing what is true and what is false. As the game starts, one of them is kidnaped by a gang, thing that is true, no one believing this and eating cheese like nothing happened.
Ant-man and The Wasp (2018)
Story about Ant-man and what he can do with his powers, this is what you need to know in the first place for this movie. This is an action movie but it has so much accents of comedy, things that marvel is known for, that made put it in this top. I can describe this movie in one way, a comedy in the skin of an action movie.
Oceans’8 (2018)
This movie is all about a heist and the perfect female crew. The crew is formed of seven women and all they want is to have the perfect robbery and nothing can stop them. Sandra Bullock plays the main character named Debbie Ocean is an ex convict who thinks about this operation for “ five years, eight months and twelve days”.
The isle of dogs (2018)
If you like 420 and comedies, this is the perfect movie. Best film you can watch high and will trip you to another level, but you can also watch it with your family. Comedy about dogs, who wouldn’t like this? All the action being played by a boy in the search of his pet and a group of dogs helping him to find his four-footed friend.
Incredibles 2 (2018)
Perfect comedy for family with kids. These days is hard for parents to find a nice movie for their kids, this until now. Story of this film is based on a family with superpowers who are fighting with bad guys, but if you want to know more about this I advise you to watch the first part.
Overboard (2018)
How you can learn a lesson about money? It’s simple, the recipe is to be a millionaire, get a housekeeper, be mean with her, get an amnesia and then be controlled by her with 3 jobs and a fake family. This is the story of Leonardo, a millionaire who doesn’t know how to behave with people because of the money, until he met Kate, a maid with self-conceit.
Gringo (2018)
Name of this movie represent the nickname used for poor businessman who was send by his bosses in Mexico to deliver the new capsule that they developed and want to produce it with the cartels form there. Everything went right, until he arrived, when he was kidnapped and all his life became a comedy-drama where he tries to escape in every possible method.
Super Troopers 2 (2018)
At the border between the U.S. and Canada a border dispute arises, then Super Troopers: Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit and Farva are called to make a highway surveillance point in the affected area. Everything goes crazy when I make a drug bust that he tries.

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