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Most Watched Movies Of This Week On 123Movies

Posted 2018/07/24 11672 0

The Equalizer 2 (2018)
First thing you need to know is that you need to watch the first part for understanding this right, because the story is continued from there. Main character is represented by Robert McCall who wants serve justice for the exploited and oppressed people, thing that is doing better than anybody.
The First Purge (2018)
From the title you realize that this thing is scary. Story of this movie is about an experiment done in Long Island for the curiosity of American state. Purging day is all about fredoom, you are freedom to steal and kill everything you want, but participating at this day you will also be rewarde with 5000 dollars and some extra if you kill more.
Adrift (2018)
A story of young couple and how love can make you do things that can’t be imagined. The story is based on the first sail of a couple, who would be a catastrophe because of the hurricane they meet in the middle of the sea, more exactly the biggest hurricane of all the times. After it, she wakes up in the boat without her lover, shortly finding him floating on the sea with all his ribs broken and his leg being shattered.
Uncle Drew (2018)
Is a comedy about and old man, his team who knows the old basketball and how they help a “young blood” to reach his dream. The main character is Uncle Drew, an old man who can play basketball like 40 years ago, and who reunite the old team for the last match of their lives.
Skyscraper (2018)
Who can manage an action movie better than The Rock? In this movie you will see him playing the role of an retired army man, and in the searching of a new job as a security guard. Thing that he manages to get, but in China at the biggest skyscraper in the world. The thing that makes this movie interesting is the family that is also bringed with him and how they are trapped in the skyscraper as it is in fire.
SuperFly (2018)
If you are interested in crime movies, this is the latest thing for you. If you are a pimp or a gangstar you would live in Atlanta, because this is the heaven for those things, and this movie is show us everything about that is showen to us through the eyes of a reward hunter and his life.
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)
One of the best comedyes for this summar you could watch with your family. All the action is done on an island where a young lady wants to find the story about her mother and his 3 dads alongside her boyfriend. On this island you can fulfill all your dreams, thing that her mother done 27 years ago and will be repeated in present by her daughter.