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10 Must Watch Tv Series On 123Movies

Posted 2018/08/22 7206 0

Game of Thrones (2011)
This is the most interesting tv show, because 9 out of 10 people of average age has seen at least one episode of this series. Even if you see a lot of sci-fi things you won’t be bothered by them, and you’ll like them a lot because of the story. Story that is very complex with a lot of new things per season.
Friends (1994)
This is a story about 6 friends, more exactly 3 girls and 3 guys who star by being apartment collegues, and then they start to like eachother, but this thing comes with a price. Price that will put a smile on your face, because what happens to them are just dumb things that also happen in real life.
Breaking Bad (2008)
If you like chemistry and a lot of action, this is the perfect serial you could watch. In this tv series, you’ll see how a man is hit by the deadliest diseas in the world, more exactly cancer and how he is trying to get rid of it. The method he uses for this is not normal for everybody, but for him it works very well, to be specific he makes a lot of methamphetamine and he is the best at making this drug because in the past years he was a chemistry teacher and he is doing this along his partner Jessie pinkman.
Dexter (2006)
The name of this tv series, reminds us of the cartoons that were watching when we were kids, but it has no resemblance with what you are thinking. This serial is based on the story of a man who wants to make justice with all his power, and he works at this every night. He knows everything about forensics because he works in the field and it helps him when he is killing people.
Grey’s Anatomy (2005)
The hospital life is one of the most interesting lifes you can have, and this tv series is based on an American one. Here you’ll see how is to be a part of the team, how you can save lifes, how to be friends or lovers and how the things work if everyone is friendly. In this serial you’ll se a lot of love moments between co-workers but don’t forget about the hard moments which like in real life are a lot.
Suits (2011)
Lawyer, a nice world, but in many times is associated with lying, because the person in cause can represent an acused part or the right side, now that we now what we think about this word, I will tell you what is the connection between the serial and this. The connection is represented by what happens in this tv series, everything is about lawyars, how is their life, what they represent and how they start their career as lawyers help.
Supernatural (2005)
By the name of this serial, we realize that something is not normal here and if you thought about this, you are right. In this tv series you’ll see a lot of paranormal activity but everything you see has a little bit of true in them, because all the action is based on mythical stories. And the main characters are represented by 2 guys who are evolving with the time.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)
Comedy is a part of our lifes, and this serial shows us how is to be a detective and also a comedian. Life of detectives is a very interesting one, but what is more interesting than that, is the life they have in police station when they arrive back from crimes and different fights, and in this tv show you’ll see more exactly what happens.
The Big Bang Theory (2007)
How can you wake up at reality 4 astrophysicists who don’t know anything but life in laboratory? With a blonde dumb girl, this one being represented by Penny who has 4 freak neighbours and starts to teach them how the life can be and they teach here different facts about intelligent things.
Power (2014)
It’s a tv show about the life of a man who is opening a night club and he enters on a wrong way with this. In America everything is possible as they say, and here we will see a story about an influent man and his wife, who wants the best for him, and she tries hard to keep him on straight way without getting in lost in a drug network and criminal life.

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